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this is devoted to my crazy dreams
Here is my other one with all the art i love:
Bright, Like You
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We Say Summer

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best friend a gal could ask for (:

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Good night.

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Dwayne Johnson was my boyfriend and it was nice because he was really sweet. Then i won a Halloween costume contest, and we broke up, but then I found out he wore women’s underwear. 

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Maggie surprised me by making grilled sandwiches, but we never got to eat them.

Going through a library and a catholic church to find a secret key to a bank vault. I was with soneone when I found it in a window. We ran to the elevator abd people were in there too. We pressed to go down and it fell.

In a field of daisies laying down taking pictures then it turned into a medieval chemistry workshop with Mrs. Allen. Experiments were going on, and we had a test. The glove sizes were arranged according to Lord of the Rings characters.

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I had a very sensual dream that involved people I knew and the main character aside from myself being just a face I know. We were so excited to fuck I picked her up and buried my face into her jeans and just went at it... At which point she died just like that. Thoughts?

The objects or faces in a dream are usually random things from your memory, but what HAPPENS has a little more meaning. It could be a manifestation of sexual frustration of whatever kind pertains to you. Maybe you have been getting interested in girls, but the relationship dies before you can get serious (physically or emotionally) with them? Maybe you think your eagerness is scaring girls away. Or maybe in your dream you realized it wasn’t real, and you shut down the situation.

Mr Shmeader and I started up a class trip with about a dozen other kids. He said he knew a place and Valentines day would have snow, so school would be canceled. We drove out east of Detroit next to a large series of lakes called Gummy Lake that looked like a skull. Bri game me a bunch of stacks of pennies and I put them in the car door. When we got there me and Hatfield walked around. We unloaded some things and everyone sat down to eat Doritos and beer.

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I'm hoping so! I'll be going to New York City and I hope it snows.

C’mon, have you seen the pictures lately of what it looked like there this week? If not there then i suggest a trip north a ways while you’re there. LIVE A LITTLE.

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lunchroom mackenzie and jamie get up in the middle. he starts playing guitar. everyone is staring. Kenzie starts to sings and it’s REALLY good. There’s an interpreter with them signing the songs, and all of the deaf kids stand up to watch. Everyone is in awe.

J’s parents left us their car. After they left we rushed to rifle through all the compartments so we could open their garage door. Their house was one of few that were completed in a failing suburb. I’m in the backseat now and my dad is driving with Robin next to him. I open the center console and eat from a bag of cashews. I look up and.Robin condescendingly tells me I can have them.

In the house with the owners now and everyones panicking about the neighborhood going bad. I ask if the house is worth $700k. They ask me to go buy blueberries. I walk to the health food store with Aliyah, then she turns to my grandma. We spend a long time picking out the right box of blueberries. Walking out of the store I’m with Luke from Modern Family. The society we’re in is apparently futuristic utopian. Walking away we see a bright thing fall from the sky. It hits the ground, and bounces back into the sky. It does this a couple times before landing right behind us. Its a blue star, gllowing and slightlg buzzing. We grab it, and the authorities come in on a hovercar battleship thing. I tell him to stuff it under his shirt. We walk to the car.

In the car with a guy. We drive to his house. His parents car is parked strangely, but its all how I remember it. We walk in, and his parents are glad that I came back. His dad asks me if I still play guitar. Its awkward. I drop off my bag in his room.

On the dark sife of Pluto investigating. We help a colony start up.
Mollala River in the winter is dense with snakes and dead snakes. I take pictures of the skyline. We hop railroad tracks away from a gang of vampires.
Max is at my house for dinner and again on the 4th of July (we see fireworks from space), also on halloween. Ellen and Keith are late to dinner so we start eating the potatos.

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I had a penis.

After the summer we came to Sprague and the moved Ms. Hatfield’s room to a small corner room. We need she would be upset, so we went there to console her. She had gained weight over the break, and was very sad.

I turned the channel on the TV to Turner Classic, and a movie was just starting.

(I woke up here and was like, “Sweet! Wait it’s not actually like that..” and fell back asleep)

Now I was inside the movie, but just observing. Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando were at a finishing dock by a river. A bunch of grisly men were around fishing and gutting fish, and Marilyn was jumping between them, all excited and what not. Brando calmed her down and they talked and she went to make dinner while he finished up.

Marilyn turns into my grandma, and I’m in there too now. We’re making dinner at a community kitchen and some ladies that keep turning our burners off, but we manage to get it finished. We set the table and my dad starts serving right away. My grandma’s parents come in, but we’re not ready, so they start dinner without us. They finish before we’re ready and it’s really disappointing. I look outside and there’s snow on the roads, but not on the grass. 

Uh so I was at a jeweler with my mom, and it turned into a drugstore with my grandma. I met a man in line and he was vair hot. He asked my grandma if he could get a ride to church with us and on the way there he flirted with me, and said to find him in there and sit next to him. On the way inside I saw a u-haul truck was unlocked so I locked it. I said hello to the shopping cart girl, and went into the bathroom even though I didn’t have to. I saved a girl from throwing her boot into the toilet. When I got inside the sanctuary all the seats next to him were full, and he was holding a baby. I already knew he had a baby and was married. I set in the pew in front of him, next to an old man, and then the old man moved.